Thursday, January 3, 2019

Bridging The Divide Initiative (BTDI)

Bridging The Divide Initiative (BTDI) is a Communication Framework—Who is saying What and How to Whom?  It is designed to bridge the gap across the multicultural communication dynamic by facilitating inclusive rational disquisitions that build social equity and transformative relationships within the organizational, social, and personal ecosystems.  BTDI uses an innovative Systems Thinking approach to execute a continuous learning process that requires the personal mastery of a specific language and a unique set of tools/techniques that are used to connect people in a holistic way.

The initiative revolves around the implementation of a four-tier continuum learning-module that includes the following:

Ø  Connecting People: Using a Systems Thinking Approach    
Ø  A Smart Path to Communication: The Integration of Logic and Ethics
Ø  Tools to Recognize and Remove Boundaries and Barriers that Obstruct Equity and Balance
Ø  Reframing a Cognitive Path Forward to Align with a Multicultural and Pluralistic Society

BTDI is designed to help organizations (corporate or community) reframe, pivot, and communicate their vision, core values, and mission in a way that aligns with strategy execution.  BTDI encourages a commitment to continuous learning and practices that help to develop a flexible growth mindset, an adaptable toolset, and proficient skillsets.